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Content Guidelines

Last updated: July 8, 2017

Authenticity of Content

TipSnaps is for content Makers, and is a platform to monetize your creations. Maker accounts should only be used if there is genuine intent to make content, and this content should be accurately represented in the account description.

In addition, you must be the Maker of the account content. Makers are not allowed to collect funds for the distribution of content that is not yours.

Harassment and Hate Speech

TipSnaps does not allow harassment or bullying. While we value the open sharing of views and ideas, we do not permit in any form hate speech or genuine threats of violence.

Nudity, Suggestive Content and Pornography

The TipSnaps platform is not to be used for pornography. Because of the fine line between art and pornography, we do allow nudity and suggestive content, however, require maker accounts with such content be marked as ‘Adult’ which can be done during registration, or later by editing the account profile.

Note, we do not permit in any form content that represents rape, sexual violence, or sexualizes children. TipSnaps reserves the right to review and remove accounts that may violate this guideline.

Usage Eligibility

Organizations that in any way facilitate harmful or dangerous activities are prohibited from receiving funds through TipSnaps. This includes for example drug manufacturing, terrorism, weapons, sexual abuse, or anything deemed to have the intent to cause harm to anyone.

Any person to have been convicted of child sex abuse, fraud or money laundering or verified to have made violent threats, coordinating violent or non-violent harm, or endorsing others to do so may be banned from using TipSnaps at our sole discretion. People who are affiliated with any group engages in the aforementioned activities cannot receive funds through TipSnaps, regardless of the intention of their TipSnaps page.


These guidelines are actively enforced, and violation of the guidelines will result in account banning, or depending on the severity, the flagging of an account for review with the potential for future ban depending upon future activity.

If you see any page that violates these guidelines, please notify us so we can review.

Guideline Development

Online spaces such as a TipSnaps are relatively new, and the institutions that support them and the laws and guidelines that govern them continue to evolve at a rapid pace. These guidelines were developed in recognition of the latest emerging thinking across this industry and are intended to serve our Makers to allow them to reach people interested in their content as easily as possible while retaining maximum benefit for their craft.

We appreciate your support will continue to develop these content guidelines in tandem with developments across the industry.